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A General Introduction Of The Glue Using On The Screen Protector

Dec 15,2022 | Jeff

There are generally three kinds of glue used on the protective film, namely silica gel, rubber glue and acrylic glue.

        Silica gel is developed on the basis of pressure-sensitive adhesives. It largely solves the shortcomings of pressure-sensitive adhesives and emphasizes the degassing properties. In this way, the occurrence of air bubbles is largely avoided during the film sticking process, and the peeling force is also good. It is able to meet the needs of many consumers, and can be used as a protective film for the screen.

        Rubber-type glue, the main raw material is rubber, the production of rubber-type glue protective film is not dominant in China, but European and Japanese protective film manufacturers produce more. Its main feature is that it can be used in a wide range of applications, regardless of whether the surface of the product is smooth or rough. Because of its wide range of applications, some protective films with higher viscosity will be used as glue.

        Acrylic glue is a solvent-based acrylic glue adhesive. It has strong irritation. The acrylic glue coated on the protective film has high adhesiveness and good initial adhesion. It is also a widely used glue. In China, acrylic glue can be Replace rubber-type glue to produce high-viscosity protective film. This kind of glue has a very wide range of applications and good stability. It is the glue that is most used in protective films. The main ingredient is fat tincture, which is a kind of high molecular activity substance, and the temperature has a certain influence on molecular activity. The fat content of the glue directly affects the use of the tape. Excellent peelability, strong film cohesion, high transparency, no degumming, no residue on the substrate, suitable for manufacturing low, medium and high viscosity protective films. However, this kind of glue is greatly affected by temperature and humidity, and it is easy to leave white mist on items with black surfaces.

        The viscosity of the protective film is not only related to the type of glue used, but also to the amount of glue applied. If the amount of glue applied is large, the thickness of the protective film is large and the unit weight is large, then the viscosity will be high. There are many types of protective films for us to select. Consumers and Manufacturers should choose the protective film according to their own requirements.