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Introduction of Hydrogel Film, one of the Hot Protective Film Type

Dec 07,2022 | Jeff

Today's mobile phones are basically curved glass screens, and most tempered glass films are difficult to fit completely. The production cost of the tempered glass films that can be fully attached is very high, so the price is also extremely expensive. As for the hydrogel film, it can be completely bonded. Of course, the lifespan and drop resistance are not as good as the tempered film.

The origin of the hydrogel film

Why is the hydrogel film called "hydraulic film"? Because in the past, when pasting some films, in order to obtain better adhesion, water spray treatment was carried out when pasting the film, so it is called a hydrogel film. Although the technology of the hydraulic film has been developed to the point where water spraying is no longer necessary, its essence is still a hydraulic film.

The hydrogel film is evolved from the traditional plastic film. It is thinner and softer than the traditional plastic film. It has very good extensibility and can better fit the mobile phone screen with a curved screen. Therefore, the biggest advantage of hydraulic film over tempered film is that it can perfectly fit the screen of the mobile phone on curved screens and 2.5D screens.

The feature of hydrogel film

Hydrogel film is actually a kind of plastic film, but it is not exactly the same as plastic film. Compared with plastic film, hydrogel film is thinner and softer, so after sticking it, it is like using bare metal. The hydrogel film is made of TPU or PET, and its ductility and resilience are better than ordinary plastic films. Many merchants advertise that the hydraulic film has an automatic repair function. In fact, it is because of its good ductility and resilience, and it will return to its original appearance in a short time after being subjected to external forces. Therefore, the anti-scratch effect of the hydraulic film is particularly remarkable. If you often put keys and other sharp objects with your phone, you can choose to attach a hydrogel film to prevent the screen from being scratched.

Disadvantages of hydrogel film

Of course, hydrogels also have their drawbacks. Hydrogel film is a plastic film, no matter how it is treated, it cannot be compared with tempered film in terms of wear resistance, scratch resistance, light transmittance and hardness. Moreover, because the hydrogel film is relatively soft, it has relatively high requirements for film application technology, and it is easy for non-professionals to generate air bubbles if they are not careful.

In order to solve the problem that the soft film is difficult to stick, our company has launched an installation artifact. These artifacts are specially designed for various types of curved mobile phones, and can be installed super lightly. Those who are interested can visit our website.