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Can We Prevent Our Phones From Dropping?

Sep 09,2022 | Jeff

I wonder if it is possible that we can prevent our phones from dropping all the time. That's really hard, I think.

"Gravity seems to be a constant challenge when it comes to our smartphones," said JP Brousseau, the CEO of PhoneLoops.com. Obviously, he meant that our phones may face the risk of falling and the cases of falling have happened thousands of times every day.  

If that accident happens, then it must be heartbreaking unless you're just about to buy a new one. Let's have a look at the following scenes and see if you can recall something. 

After operating the mobile phone, some people have the habit of putting the mobile phone in their jacket pockets, but as soon as they bend down, the mobile phone slides out themselves.

Can We Prevent Our Phones From Dropping?

Some people like to play with their mobile phones while squatting in the toilet. Before standing up, they put their mobile phones in their pockets. However, when they stand up, the direction of the clothes pockets will change, and it is easy for the mobile phone to slide out. Then your phones may swim in the toilet. If this really happens, click here to see some solutions.

When we were on the road playing with our mobile phones and tripped over, we habitually covered our faces with our hands to prevent injury when we fell to the ground. At this time, the mobile phone in our hand either flew out or become a victim under our hand.

Can We Prevent Our Phones From Dropping?

Many people like to lie down on the sofa or the bed when they look at their mobile phones. They will become drowsy after playing for a long time and for this reason, the probability of the mobile phone falling is greatly increased. I have been woken up by the mobile phone many times. Fortunately, it didn't fall to the ground, and some people were not so lucky, because they were too close to the edge of the bed, and the probability of the screen-shattered was high.

Can We Prevent Our Phones From Dropping?

So many cases about breaking our phones that we have experienced, then we may ask why the mobile phone screen is easy to be broken when it is dropped. It is not that the quality of the current mobile phone screen is not good. The main reason is that the thickness of the current mobile phone screen is getting thinner and thinner, and there will be a great impact when it falls. However, smart humans have managed to protect their phones. See more interesting solutions.

But if the phone has been broken, we will consider repairing things first. The cost of replacing the screen is very high, and the screen is basically the most expensive part of the mobile phone components. Actually, many people change their mobile phones not because the phone is slow or stuck, but because the phone fell on the floor and the screen is broken. 

Can We Prevent Our Phones From Dropping?

Therefore, in order to protect the screen of the mobile phone, just put on a protective case and a screen film. A well-made protector can truly protect the screen and the phone body. By installing the protectors, you can just use your phones comfortably without worrying about their broken possibility. What's more, the feeling that the mobile phone case brings to you may be fresh. So, if you have intentions on the phone protector, click here to browse some products.

Can We Prevent Our Phones From Dropping?

In the end, I have a question for you: how many times have you broken your cell phones by dropping them onto the ground accidentally? Leave your comments here to share your embarrassing experiences.