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The benefit of the same size Apple products and the universal box for installation of the films

Sep 16,2022 | Jeff

iPhone collection

The benefits of  the same size Apple products

Recently, we made a collection of the sizes of the cellphone of the iPhone products and we found that some of them share the same size. That's quite good news for us.

Same size product help consumers save money

If it is the same size design, when consumers want to upgrade their products, some of their supporting products, such as mobile phone cases, mobile phone film installation boxes, etc., do not need to be replaced and can continue to be used, which not only provides consumers with a lot of convenience, but also saves a fortune for the consumers.

sexy color

Same size product help protect the environment

The design of the same size allows us to continue to use some of the tools and equipment that we used in the mobile phone in the past, and there is no need to repeat the purchase, so the manufacturer does not need to produce too much of the equipment, reducing the consumption of resources, and the reusable equipment is natural. It is very beneficial to the environment.

However, we still in favor of people expressing their individuality. A certain personalized design can also make the world colorful.

iPhone series

So, which ones are the same size and  what are theirs size?

Let's see the following sheet and we will know about that. Further more, we will introduce our installation box in this sheet,  just have a look.

The referenced table is here.

iPhone series size of iPhones box for installation of films
iPhone 7                     4.7-inch  IP-6.7
iPhone 8 
iPhone SE2 
iPhone SE3
iPhone X 5.8-inch IP-5.8
iPhone XS
iPhone 11PRO
iPhone XR 6.1-inch IP-6.1
iPhone 11
iPhone XS MAX 6.5-inch IP-6.5
iphone11 pro MA X
iphone 12 mini 5.4-inch IP-5.4
iphone 13 mini  
iPhone 12 6.1-inch IP-6.1
iPhone 12pro
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 pro
iPhone 14
iPhone 14pro
iPhone 12proMAX 6.7-inch IP-6.7
iPhone 13proMAX
iPhone 14 PLUS
iPhone 14proMAX

Srceen Protector installation box