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Popularization of the hardness of glass protective film in the market

Sep 29,2022 | Jeff

Glass is popular material and the glass type film has made great breakthroughs in details and materials, from the past 0.4mm thickness to the current 0.1mm thickness, from the past flat angle to the edge and the current 2.5D arc edge, tempered glass film It is constantly improving the experience of people using the film.


Many smartphones now use Corning Gorilla Glass. Even Corning Gorilla Glass has a hardness of only 6.5, which is close to the threshold of quartz particles, but it is only close, and cannot reach 7. Therefore, if the iPhone is not filmed, it will be scratched by keys made of certain alloys; it will also leave small scratches due to friction with ordinary sand.

soft material

At present, most of the market is marked by pencil hardness. This is the key, the 9H hardness of the glass film is not 9 in the Mohs hardness, but the 9H hardness of the pencil.

fail +anti-bullet glass

Merchants all claim that their glass has reached "9H" . As I said above, this 9H actually refers to the pencil hardness. No matter how hard a pencil is, it can't be as hard as metal, otherwise you can't use a metal pencil sharpener to pin a pencil. That is to say, any piece of glass can reach more than 9H. Therefore, the publicity point of 9H is just to attract attention.


shattered glass
Of course, in addition to insuring the phone after a fall, the screen protector has a wider and more important purpose, that is, its anti-scratch function, scratches and bumps are inevitable in daily life. , the mobile phone is inevitably scarred, and it is like a war-damaged version of the mobile phone after a long time, which really affects the appearance, so many people will choose to buy a protective film to protect the mobile phone screen.


General List of Materials of All Levels of Hardness

Mohs hardness Representative Common Use
1 Talc、Graphite Talc is the softest known mineral, and talc is commonly used
1.5 Skin  
2 Gypsum  Versatile Industrial Materials
2~3 Ice  
2.5 Nail、Amber 、Ivory  
2.5~3 Pure gold 、Silver 、Aluminium Gold and silver are commonly used in jewelry, while aluminum is commonly used in industrial applications.
3.5 Shell  
4~5 Iron Commonly used in steelmaking, other industrial applications
5.5 Glass 、Stainless Steel  
6~7 Tooth The main ingredient is hydroxyapatite
6~6.5 Nephrite Jade Xinjiang  
6.5 Iron Pyrite Source of sulfuric acid raw materials, gold extraction, medicinal use, etc.
6.5~7 Jadeite Burmese Emerald  
7 Quart ,Amethyst It is the main raw material of common refractory materials and glass.
8 Topaz Commonly used in jewelry applications
9 Corudum Jewelry, abrasives, etc. Common gemstones such as ruby, sapphire and other natural gemstones are corundum: artificial gemstone "sapphire crystal", its hardness is also the same as corundum grade
10 Diamond  The hardest natural gemstone on earth, commonly used in jewelry applications.